How To Use DeepBrain AI?

How To Use DeepBrain AI

Virtual AI avatars specifically designed for enterprises are offered by DeepBrain AI, a manufacturer of AI products. They have opened the road for everyone to easily generate professional-grade AI-powered video content to improve their brand and business with their ground-breaking AI Studios platform.

DeepBrain AI’s AI Studios have attracted tens of thousands of subscribers from all around the world since their beta launch in mid-2021. Businesses throughout the world have embraced the power of DeepBrain AI’s virtual AI avatars

With the help of the cutting-edge platform DeepBrain AI, users can easily create AI-generated videos using straightforward language. Simple language is all that’s required to transform your thoughts into captivating videos; there’s no need for complicated software or coding abilities.

DeepBrain AI Features

Your videos will stand out from the competition with the help of DeepBrain AI’s incredible array of capabilities, which include:

  • Custom avatars: Choose from a wide variety of custom avatars to add a unique touch to your videos. Your material is made more interesting and relatable by each avatar’s own personality.
  • Support for several languages for text-to-speech: Create movies in many languages with ease to reach a wider audience and establish connections with them. Make your material comprehensible to a wider audience by overcoming linguistic barriers.

How To Use DeepBrain AI?

Let’s look at the simple and approachable steps you may take to make your AI-powered video using DeepBrain AI:

1.Sign up :Start by creating an account on the DeepBrain AI website before you set out on your creative journey. The registration process goes smoothly and quickly.

2.Register to Explore AI Studio: Log in and explore the AI Studio after creating your account. You’ll learn about the wonders of AI film making at this point.

3.Selecting a Type of Video: Decide what your video’s goal is. DeepBrain AI can meet all of your needs, whether you need an educational explainer video, a compelling marketing video, an instructional training film, or a how-to guide.

4.Templates or Custom Avatars: The fun part is about to start! To get your project started, choose from a variety of pre-built video templates, or use your imagination to create a unique avatar that fits your brand or message.

5.Develop Your Script: Text that you want your avatar to express should be entered. You can fine-tune your message using the platform’s versatility, whether you already have a script or would prefer to develop one from fresh.

6.Let AI Do Its Work: Get ready for mind-blowing AI technology. The state-of-the-art algorithms of DeepBrain AI will flawlessly transform your text into an eye-catching film.

7.Review and edit: Give your work some thought. The site lets you easily edit your video to your satisfaction if you want to make any changes or add special effects.

8.Download and Share: Once your video is complete, all you need to do is click the download button to spread the word about your amazing creation. Spread the word far and wide!

What distinguishes DeepBrain AI’s technology from that of other AI video producers?

DeepBrain AI is leading the pack in the arena of AI video production, boasting some truly unique attributes:

  • Superb Authenticity: This platform sets itself apart from others by offering hyper-realistic avatars and top-notch video quality.
  • Personalization at Your Fingertips: It offers an array of customization options that let users tweak the avatars’ appearance and voice, allowing them to create videos that precisely fit their needs and appeal to their target audiences.
  • Text-to-Video Simplified: DeepBrain AI has made video production more accessible by employing a system that turns text into videos. This removes the need for intricate video editing or on-camera performance.
  • Fast and Easy Video Production: The advanced technology of DeepBrain AI enables rapid video creation. Users can generate a complete AI video in less than five minutes using basic text input and the Text-to-Speech feature.
  • Language Support and Editable Content: DeepBrain AI accommodates a global audience by supporting more than 80 languages. The platform also allows easy video edits and updates, keeping the content relevant and fresh.

DeepBrain AI’s innovative approach is set to redefine the AI video production landscape by providing a powerful and user-friendly tool for creating personalized, authentic, and engaging videos. As the need for video content continues to surge, solutions like DeepBrain AI offer a compelling way to meet these dynamic demands.

How does DeepBrain AI manage to produce AI avatar videos that are so incredibly lifelike?

DeepBrain AI utilizes a groundbreaking approach, employing high-end artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies to develop extraordinarily realistic AI avatar videos. Let’s delve into the process:

Initially, a 3D avatar is created, which mirrors human-like physical attributes. Following this, sophisticated facial recognition technology is used to animate this avatar, allowing it to emulate human-like expressions and movements, thereby enhancing the authenticity of the videos. Furthermore, DeepBrain AI allows users to modify the avatar’s looks and voice to suit their specific needs and tastes, making the videos more personalized and engaging.

A standout feature of this platform is “ChatGPT,” which allows the AI avatar to interact with users in real-time, enhancing the immersive experience and opening up new possibilities for various applications.

The level of realism achieved by DeepBrain AI’s technology is astounding, boasting an impressive 99% accuracy. This exceptional authenticity makes these AI avatar videos highly useful across diverse sectors such as marketing, education, and instructional videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:Is DeepBrain AI Free?

Although DeepBrain AI doesn’t have a free plan, it does give users a free trial. Users are allowed to experiment with the platform’s features and make a 1-minute video during the 14-day trial period.

Q:Is DeepBrain AI Safe?

Yes, DeepBrain AI takes data privacy and security seriously and employs a number of safeguards to protect its users.

Q:Is DeepBrainAI suitable for beginners?

Yes, even for those without a technical background, DeepBrainAI is made to be simple to use and intuitive. The platform offers pre-built models and tools to make it simple and quick for beginners to get started.

Q:Can I create videos in multiple languages to reach diverse audiences?

Certainly! You can communicate with audiences everywhere thanks to DeepBrain AI’s multilingual text-to-speech assistance, which overcomes language obstacles.

Q:Can DeepBrainAI be used for video editing?

Yes, DeepBrainAI can be utilized for tasks like automatic subtitle generation, voiceover generation, and video summary.


With the help of DeepBrainAI, businesses and organizations can easily automate operations, streamline workflows, and make data-driven choices. DeepBrainAI provides a practical answer for a range of use cases because to its cutting-edge capabilities, scalability, and integrations. It also has some restrictions, such as a brief trial period and restricted customization and support. There are many possibilities available if you’re seeking for a DeepBrainAI substitute, like Google Cloud AI, IBM Watson, and Amazon SageMaker.

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