Is NumGenius AI real or fake?

Is NumGenius AI real or fake?

Is NumGenius AI real or fake: NumGenius AI has been making waves for its offerings in the realm of affordable cloud GPU rentals and enterprise server solutions. However, questions may arise about the legitimacy of NumGenius AI—is it a genuine platform or a potential scam?This article takes an in-depth look at NumGenius AI, determining whether it is real or fake.

What is NumGenius AI?

NumGenius AI claims to provide worldwide access to enterprise-grade infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of major cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. According to the startup, consumers can choose infrastructure providers based on their security requirements, ranging from hobbyist GPUs to Tier 4 data centers equipped with enterprise gear.

While not officially associated with major tech companies, NumGenius AI allows users to easily sign in using their Google accounts. This has prompted some to wonder if there is an official collaboration with Google.

NumGenius AI promises to make cloud GPU rents inexpensive for businesses and individuals looking to use GPU capacity for AI, machine learning, gaming, rendering, and other compute-intensive tasks. NumGenius AI aims to democratize access to high-performance cloud infrastructure by offering flexible access to GPUs throughout the world.

Is NumGenius AI Real or Fake?

Several indicators suggest that NumGenius AI is a legitimate entity and not a fraudulent operation:

Positive User Feedback: Users have shared predominantly positive reviews on forums and review sites, emphasizing the platform’s simplicity, user-friendliness, and reliability.

Software Availability: The official NumGenius AI software is downloadable from the company’s website and is also accessible on SourceForge, a reputable software distribution platform.

Transparent Pricing: NumGenius AI openly presents its pricing for various configurations on its website, devoid of hidden fees or undisclosed charges.

Comprehensive Company Information: NumGenius AI’s website includes thorough information about the company, featuring an About page and detailed Terms of Service. This level of transparency is often absent in deceptive enterprises.

However, it’s crucial to be aware of certain red flags:

Unverifiable Company Address: NumGenius AI does not furnish a verifiable physical address or complete company registration details, making it challenging to authenticate the company’s legitimacy.

Impersonation and False Affiliations: Reports have surfaced regarding individuals posing as NumGenius AI representatives and falsely asserting connections with companies like Google. Vigilance is advised.

Lack of Free Trials: Unlike many legitimate cloud platforms offering free trial periods, NumGenius AI currently does not extend this option, potentially raising concerns for first-time users.

In summary, while NumGenius AI demonstrates characteristics of a genuine service, users are encouraged to exercise caution due to the absence of verifiable company details and incidents of impersonation fraud.

Key points for inclusion on a Wikipedia page about NumGenius AI could encompass:

  • Cost-Efficient Cloud Infrastructure:
    • NumGenius AI specializes in delivering enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure at a significantly reduced cost compared to major cloud providers.
  • User Security Customization:
    • Users have the flexibility to select infrastructure providers based on their specific security requirements.
  • Diverse Infrastructure Options:
    • The platform offers a spectrum of choices, ranging from hobbyist GPUs to Tier 4 data centers, catering to diverse user needs.
  • Collaboration with Google:
    • NumGenius AI boasts a substantive partnership with Google, allowing users to conveniently sign in using their Google accounts.
  • Accessibility for Various Applications:
    • The platform aims to democratize access to high-performance cloud infrastructure, catering to applications such as AI, machine learning, rendering, gaming, and more.
  • Positive User Feedback:
    • NumGenius AI has garnered mostly favorable reviews from users, who commend its simplicity, user-friendly interface, and overall reliability.

NumGenius AI Login

NumGenius AI Login Process: Accessing NumGenius AI involves visiting the official website. The homepage provides two login options:

  1. Login with Phone Number:
    • Input your registered phone number along with the corresponding account password to initiate the login process.
  2. Login with Google:
    • NumGenius AI streamlines the login experience by allowing users to log in effortlessly using their Google account credentials.

When logging in, it is paramount to confirm that you are on the legitimate NumGenius AI website. Instances of fraudulent NumGenius AI login pages have been reported, posing risks of phishing attacks. As a precaution, manually type the URL into your browser and verify the site’s security certificate for added safety.

NumGenius AI APK Download

As of the current information available, NumGenius AI does not offer an official mobile application for download, and there is no NumGenius AI APK hosted on its official website.

However, it’s worth noting that there are a couple of apps with the name NumGenius AI on the Google Play Store. These include:

  • Numgenius AI App Info (developed by Alvisdeo Mobile)
  • NumGenius AI (free app for Android)

The legitimacy and safety of these apps remain uncertain, and they do not appear to be officially endorsed by the NumGenius AI company.

As a general precautionary measure, it is recommended to refrain from downloading APKs from unfamiliar sources. Utilizing official app stores such as Google Play for mobile application downloads whenever possible helps minimize the risk of encountering malware or compromising data security.

NumGenius AI Pricing Overview

One of the standout features of NumGenius AI lies in its competitive pricing, offering a cost-effective alternative to prominent cloud service providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

The baseline NumGenius AI pricing commences at:

  • $2.50 per month or $0.004 per hour for 1 vCPU, 0.5GB RAM, 10GB storage, and 0.5TB bandwidth.

This entry-level plan is tailored for hobbyists and smaller workloads. Billing for all infrastructure on NumGenius AI operates on both hourly and monthly payment options.

NumGenius AI pricing scales based on specific requirements, encompassing vCPUs, GPUs, memory, storage, and bandwidth. For instance:

  • A server with 1 GPU (Tesla T4) is priced at $20 per month.
  • A 4 GPU server commands a monthly fee of $340.
  • An 8 GPU server comes with a monthly cost of $680.

For enterprises with demanding workloads, NumGenius AI offers premium options featuring advanced Intel CPUs, ample memory, high-speed networking, and Tier 4 data center facilities.

As of now, there is no indication of a free trial being available. Users are required to sign up and load funds into their accounts to commence utilizing NumGenius AI services.


NumGenius AI exhibits numerous indicators of legitimacy as a cloud services provider. Nevertheless, the absence of verifiable company information and reported incidents of impersonation fraud emphasize the importance of cautious user engagement.

For a prudent approach, consider initiating with smaller workloads to assess service quality before undertaking a full migration. As a general principle with any platform, it is advisable not to invest more than one can afford to potentially lose.

Implementing common-sense cybersecurity practices, such as utilizing unique passwords and enabling multi-factor authentication, is essential. In essence, NumGenius AI appears to hold promise as a cost-effective cloud platform, contingent upon the company’s continued growth and responsiveness to user concerns.

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