Janitor AI Reverse Proxy & Free API Key: An Ultimate Guide[2024]

Janitor AI Reverse Proxy Key

Janitor AI Reverse Proxy Key is what you’re looking for, right? You’re in the right place if your response is yes.

The Janitor AI Reverse Proxy Key has received a lot of interest in the realm of artificial intelligence. You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking for a free Janitor AI Reverse Proxy Key. In this post, we’ll look at how to get a Janitor AI Reverse Proxy Key, why it’s important, and how to set one up. So, let’s get started and learn everything you need to know.Let’s get started.

What Is a Janitor AI Reverse Proxy Key?

let’s define a Janitor AI Reverse Proxy Key. A reverse proxy is essentially a server that acts as a middleman between a client and a web server. It receives client requests and routes them to the relevant server, gets the response and returning it to the client.

For Janitor AI, the OpenAI API Key is managed and security is maintained through the use of a reverse proxy. It enables individuals or communities to provide the OpenAI API Key to the public for free while also adding new features.

An OpenAI reverse proxy is a specialized server that serves as an intermediary for your application (client) and the OpenAI API (backend server). Its major job is to receive requests from your application and route them to the OpenAI API, as well as to return API answers to your application.

How to Get A Janitor AI Free API Key?

  1. First, click on this link, which will take you to the PawnOsman API Key Github page.
  2. You’ll find it here Discord Link, press on Discord blue text, and join their Discord server.
  3. If you joining their Discord server for the first time so you need to wait for 10 Minutes.
  4. Go to the #Bot Channel and type /key there to receive your key after you have joined the discord server or your waiting period is ended.
  5. Now copy this key and go to your Janitor AI API setting and select Reverse Proxy Option and Paste the key into Reverse Proxy Key.
Janitor AI Free API Key

How to Get an Unfiltered Reverse Proxy?

There are currently two methods for obtaining an unfiltered reverse proxy: Pawn and Moxxie. Using Pawn, you may obtain an unfiltered reverse proxy as follows:

  1. Go to your Janitor AI API settings and select Reverse Proxy Option
  2. Copy this URL: https://api.pawan.krd/unfiltered/v1 and Paste this into the OpenAI Reverse Proxy section.
  3. This is an Unfiltered Proxy and if you want SFW chat then use this proxy URL:https://api.pawan.krd/v1 instead of unfiltered.
  4. just press on the Save Settings button.Now you can Enjoy it!
Janitor AI Free API Key

Setting Up the Janitor AI Reverse Proxy Key

Here’s how to configure the Janitor AI Reverse Proxy Key:

  1. Visit your Janitor AI API settings.
  2. Insert your API key into the designated field in the OpenAI API Key section.
  3. Click the “Check API” button to verify the validity of your API key.
  4. Once it’s confirmed, you’ll see a message confirming that “Your API/Proxy is Ready.”
  5. Save your settings, and your API key is now set up and ready for use.

Advantages of Utilizing a Reverse Proxy

Employing a reverse proxy, like the Janitor AI Reverse Proxy Key, provides numerous perks:

  • Boosted Security: It serves as a barrier between the web server and the client, reducing the chances of harmful threats.
  • Efficient Load Distribution: The reverse proxy efficiently spreads requests among various servers, avoiding server congestion and maintaining peak performance.
  • Speedy Content Delivery: Through caching static content, reverse proxies decrease the burden on the web server, leading to quicker response times.
  • Flexible Scaling: With reverse proxies, you can effortlessly scale by incorporating or eliminating servers without impacting the user experience.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve thoroughly examined the Janitor AI Reverse Proxy Key and its significance. We’ve covered the process of obtaining a Janitor AI Free API Key, setting up an unfiltered reverse proxy, and configuring the Janitor AI Reverse Proxy Key. It’s crucial to exercise caution and be aware of potential risks when using publicly available API keys and reverse proxies.

By harnessing the power of a reverse proxy, you can enhance security, boost performance, and easily scale your AI applications


Q.Is there any Free API Key available?

Yes, Pawn offers a free API key in their Discord server.

Q.How to set up the API Key in Janitor AI?

Go to the API settings in Janitor AI and paste your API key into the OpenAI API Key field. Validate the key and save the configuration.

Q.Is there a Janitor AI Free API Key Proxy?

Yes, Pawn does provide an OpenAI API Reverse Proxy URL.

Q.Is the reverse proxy free?

The creation of a reverse proxy is free, but it must be performed with an active OpenAI API key. Pawn’s Discord server presently offers a free OpenAI API key.

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