Krutrim AI Website Login URL

For login into Krutrim AI website, Use Krutrim AI Website login URL. To sign up on the Krutrim AI website URL, you can use your phone number. Upon registration, you will be added to the waiting list. Once your waitlist request is approved, you can gain access to the remarkable Krutrim AI Website.

Developed by Ola, the Krutrim AI website offers a unique solution, standing alongside OpenAI’s Chat GPT, Bard AI, and Google’s Gemini. Notably, Krutrim AI has undergone specialized training in Indian languages, making it distinct. Its Large Language Model (LLM) is specifically trained to respond swiftly in Indian languages compared to counterparts like Chat GPT, Bard, and Gemini. This article provides insights into the Krutrim AI website URL, the underlying model, and the supported languages.

Krutrim AI Website Login URL

Supported Languages:

  • Hindi
  • Marathi
  • Kannada
  • Tamil
  • And many more local languages, totaling around 10 Indian languages.

It’s crucial to note that Ola Krutrim AI currently supports only text as part of its extensive language model. However, there are plans to introduce speech and vision features in the future. In contrast, some other AI chatbots, such as Gemini, already support speech and vision, with certain bots offering paid plans for exclusive features.

Understanding the LLM (Large Language Model in Ola Krutrim AI Website)

A Large Language Model (LLM) is a type of artificial intelligence system crafted to comprehend and generate text in a human-like manner, processing extensive data sets. These models undergo training using diverse datasets to grasp patterns, context, and language structures. The term “large” signifies that the model incorporates a significant number of parameters—internal variables adjusted during training to enhance its understanding and text generation capabilities.

An illustration of a large language model is OpenAI’s GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3), boasting 175 billion parameters. Such models showcase remarkable natural language processing abilities, performing tasks like text completion, language translation, summarization, question answering, and more. Typically, they undergo pre-training on a broad spectrum of internet text before fine-tuning for specific applications.

Large language models have played a pivotal role in advancing natural language understanding and generation, facilitating applications in chatbots, virtual assistants, content creation, and various language-related tasks. However, their use also prompts ethical considerations, encompassing concerns about bias, potential misuse, and the environmental impact associated with training such massive models.

Why Large Language Models (LLMs) are Utilized in Crafting ChatGPT and Krutrim AI-like Chatbots?

Developing systems akin to ChatGPT requires the use of large language models (LLMs) due to their capacity to comprehend the intricacies of human language and generate coherent, contextually relevant responses. Several factors underscore why large language models are often favored for crafting chatbot-like systems:

  1. Contextual Insight Mastery:
    • Large language models excel in capturing and understanding nuanced contextual details within sentences and extended passages, facilitating the generation of more contextually appropriate responses in conversations.
  2. Versatility in Topic Handling:
    • The abundance of parameters in a large model empowers it to learn from diverse and extensive datasets, enabling the system to adeptly handle a broad spectrum of topics and respond to various user inputs.
  3. Intricate Pattern Learning:
    • Human language is intricate, involving the understanding of grammar, semantics, pragmatics, and cultural nuances. Large language models can adeptly learn intricate patterns and relationships in language, leading to the generation of sophisticated and human-like responses.
  4. Bias Reduction Capability:
    • Large models, trained on a diverse dataset, possess the potential to learn from a wide range of perspectives, aiding in reducing bias in responses. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that biases may still exist, requiring ongoing efforts to mitigate them in the development of such models.
  5. Adaptability and Generalization:
    • Large language models exhibit the capability to generalize their learning, adapting to various tasks and inputs, making them versatile for applications extending beyond chat-based interactions.

While large language models offer these advantages, ethical considerations, including bias, transparency, and responsible deployment, must be carefully addressed. These models have the potential to inadvertently perpetuate biases present in training data, necessitating vigilant monitoring and control. Moreover, the training of large language models demands substantial computational resources.

Terms of Use for OLA Krutrim AI Website

As outlined on the Krutrim AI website under the section “Terms of Use” and last updated on December 15, 2023, this document delineates the conditions regulating the utilization of Krutrim AI’s website. Krutrim SI Designs Private Limited is identified as the data fiduciary responsible for privacy policies and is actively involved in researching, designing, and developing AI applications and solutions utilizing cloud infrastructure.

Users are granted a non-exclusive right to access and utilize the services, particularly focusing on innovative AI-based platforms. The terms encompass aspects such as user eligibility, acceptable use policies, and engagement with third-party services. Specific guidelines are presented for AI-based models, accompanied by disclaimers for legal, financial, and medical advice. The document underscores the user’s responsibility to assess the accuracy, suitability, security, and confidentiality of AI-generated outputs.

Other sections within the terms elaborate on intellectual property rights, confidentiality, security measures, disclaimers of warranties, and limitations of liability. Additionally, the terms address dispute resolution, general terms, modifications to terms or services, and the ongoing development of AI services. Users are encouraged to stay informed about any amendments made to the terms for their awareness and compliance.

OLA Krutrim AI Website Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Krutrim SI Designs Private Limited is designed to govern the processing of users’ personal data. It aims to inform users about the collected personal information, its purpose, processing methods, data sharing, and the responsibilities involved.

Key Definitions:

  • Anonymous data: Non-identifiable data.
  • Automated decision making: Decisions made without human involvement.
  • Consent: Freely given, informed, and unambiguous statement.
  • Cookies: Small data stored by web browsers.
  • Data Fiduciary: Entity determining data processing purposes.
  • Data Processor: Entity processing data on behalf of the data fiduciary.
  • Data Principal: Natural person interacting with Krutrim.


  • Data Fiduciary: Krutrim SI Designs Private Limited and affiliates are the data fiduciary, engaged in AI application development.
  • Data Protection Officer: Inquiries can be directed to

Personal Information and Collection:

  • Collected during sign-up: Name, phone number, primary location.
  • Stored securely on cloud servers.
  • Additional data collected through interactions and automatic tools.

Purpose of Collection:

  • Providing services, communication, improvement, monitoring, research, compliance, and protection.

Processing Information:

  • Various purposes, including service administration, communication, security, and research.
  • Automated tools, cookies, local storage, and web beacons for data collection.

Sharing/Transfer of Data:

  • Personal data not sold.
  • May be disclosed to service providers, affiliates, authorities, with appropriate safeguards for international transfers.

Marketing Based on Online Behavior:

  • Online behavior data collected for marketing with consent.
  • Data may be combined for targeted marketing across channels.


  • Personal data retained only as long as necessary or required by law.

Rights of Data Principals:

  • Rights include access, verification, rectification, consent withdrawal, objection, erasure, data portability, and the right to be forgotten.

Lodging Complaints:

  • Users can contact the Data Protection Officer for privacy concerns.
  • Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority if unsatisfied.

This summary provides a comprehensive overview of Krutrim’s privacy policy, encompassing key aspects of data handling, user rights, and complaint resolution.

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